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Why You Should Reserve Your Move During The Off- Season

To those familiar with the moving industry, it is no secret that there is a
strong seasonal nature to the business. It may be due to the warm weather, summer vacation, or other factors but all movers know that they will be far busier in the summer than in the winter. While you may not have the luxury of planning your move to coincide with the offseason, there are many reasons why knowledge of this seasonality can save you money and stress when planning a move.

Availability Of Moving Crews

The biggest factor when considering the timing of your move is what will be the availability of the best companies to provide you moving services during the busy season. It is often the case that when trying to reserve movers or rental trucks for the last weekend in July that you will have to reserve several weeks in advance to get a quality moving company or a rental truck booked. That is usually true for the last week of every month from May through August. An Asheville moving company may not only have more availability in their schedules during the off months but their best employees are also available to work on your move. While no respectable company is sending out sub-par or untrained employees to service moves, it is the case that companies want to retain their most experienced and best employees during the slow season. It is also true that these valuable employees can have less physical exertion in the off months. So moving in the off-season means you have a great chance of getting highly experienced quality movers who are rested and excited to be working.

Better Value During The Off-Season

There are a lot of different factors that cost of rental trucks. Many moving companies have algorithms that consider availability, distance, the need for trucks in specific markets, and other factors. Renting a truck in the offseason is almost always less expensive than in the busy season. But, reserving your truck during the off-season for a move that is in the busy season will save you money as well. If you can, reserve a truck early. Most companies have no-cost cancellation policies and often they will let you change dates without losing the rate from your initial reservation which means that reserving a truck in the off-season is always the best bet. This is also true of moving companies but for slightly different reasons. The salesperson getting you an estimate is keenly aware of the schedule of the moving company. They are tasked with keeping the schedule as full as possible because it is their job and for the well being of the company. While most companies don’t change their hourly rates seasonally, many offer discounts when they are slower and will be able to bid flat rate jobs more competitively than they would during the busy season. Even if you are moving in July you would probably get a less expensive flat rate quote from a company if you receive it in April than if you receive it in June. It is just human nature to bid more competitively when times are lean than when they are super busy.

While circumstances that necessitate a move don’t always allow for lots of advanced planning. If you can book your move as far in advance as possible and take advantage of the industry’s seasonality you will get the best value on the highest quality moving services out there.

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