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Moving Safely During COVID-19


The past year has significantly changed so many aspects of society and the world around us. Many people and even entire industries have struggled to find balance and a new normal in this rapidly changing landscape. Like the rest of us, the moving industry has had to adapt and change to the new realities and as an essential service has been innovating ways to serve our communities while keeping our customers and staff safe and healthy. There are lots of reasons to pick a moving company with an established Covid-19 protocol in place. While health concerns should be a priority also consider the fact that if a company has established protocols in place, they will be much less susceptible to a disruption in service if any of their employees test positive for the virus. So a moving company that is prepared will not only keep you safer and healthier but has a much higher chance of keeping you on schedule to complete your move on time.

Common sense practices such as employee temperature checks, crews that are isolated from each other, reporting of symptoms, free testing, quarantining, and contact tracing for positive Covid tests should be standard for most companies at this point and there are some specific things that people in the moving industry can do to make everyone safer. Here are some important things to consider when inquiring about a moving companies Covid-19 protocols.


A moving company’s estimator can be in and out of a dozen or more homes during a typical workday. While it can be helpful to be on-site to complete an estimate, it really is not necessary. Look for a moving company that is doing virtual estimates as part of their Covid-19 protocol. The technology to accomplish a virtual estimate is free, easy to use, and has become ubiquitous over the last year. Even if you are not familiar or comfortable with this technology, a good estimator will be happy to go over it with you and show you everything you need to know to make you feel confident. While an experienced estimator will be able to give an accurate bid for most jobs virtually, A virtual estimate may not be sufficient for every single job. At the very least a virtual estimate should be used to determine if an on-site visit is absolutely needed.


Hire a moving company that requires its employees to wear a mask and provides masks for their employees to wear. Make sure that they also ask their customers to wear masks when interacting with their employees. A company that is taking protocols seriously is protecting its customers and employees and respecting established science and government regulations.


Good Covid-19 protocols should include instructions to disinfect all surfaces before the movers arrive and after the move is completed. Even though transmission of the virus by touching surfaces is not considered as problematic as we once thought, it is still a good practice and it is something you can control to make your space cleaner and safer. You and the movers should take the opportunity to wash your hands repeatedly over the course of the day. Provide liquid soap, water, paper towels, and sanitizer for the movers to use at both locations and let them know where you have set them up so that they can use them. Meet the movers outside of the house, wearing a mask, at the beginning of the move to discuss the details of the move. Come up with a plan for what rooms the movers will start in so that you can be in different rooms or outside while they are working. Give them detailed directions in writing so that they don’t need to continuously ask for instruction and can work uninterrupted. Give them space to work by staying outside or in a different room. Exchange cell phone numbers with the crew so that you can both can communicate without being face to face. If the weather allows, open all windows and doors to allow for good ventilation of the house.


Moving can be stressful. Covid-19 can exacerbate that stress. Delaying or canceling a move is not always an option. If you choose to move, make sure you are hiring a company that is able and prepared to handle the myriad of challenges associated with a global pandemic. Not only will their preparedness help keep you safe but it can help keep your move on schedule and stress-free.

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