Apartment Movers

Apartment Moves Completed In A Single Day

Apartment Moving Services

Moving to a new apartment or condo can be exciting, but no one looks forward to packing, moving and unpacking all their belongings. Whether you want us to handle your move from start to finish, or just need help packing and unpacking boxes, we’re here to relieve your moving stress.

Full Service Apartment Move

Are you excited about your new apartment, but dreading the actual move? Our fully-managed service gets your belongings from your old residence to your new apartment without you lifting a finger.

Our professional apartment movers will:

  • securely pack your items
  • load your furniture and boxes onto our moving trucks
  • safely transport your belongings to your new apartment
  • move your items from our truck into your apartment
  • unpack the boxes and place your items where they belong

Packing & Unpacking

Already have a truck, but need an extra hand with packing and unpacking your items? We’ve got you covered. Our professional packers make quick work of packing your belongings and loading them onto your truck. We’ll meet you at your new apartment to help you unload the truck and unpack the boxes.

Furniture Movers

Whether it’s a single large, heavy item or a condo full of furniture, our movers are ready to do the heavy lifting for you. Our furniture movers are trained to move your items quickly while protecting both the furniture and your doorways from scuffs and scratches. We’ll securely load the furniture onto the moving truck, transport it to your destination, unload it and place it where it belongs.

Local Moves

Moving across town? Our moving team works swiftly to complete most local apartment moves in a single day or less.

Long Distance Moves

Remove the burden of driving a large truck to a new city. Our professional long distance movers will drive it for you. Whether you’re moving to the next town over or the other side of the country, Dry Ridge Moving has you covered.

Benefits of Hiring an Apartment Moving Company

Apartment Moving Experience

We have helped tons of individuals and families move apartments over the last 16 years. In that time, we have learned what to check for to ensure you have a smooth moving experience. Things like reserving parking space for the moving truck, parking close to an elevator, and bringing equipment for moving heavy items up multiple flights of stairs all make your moving day much easier.

Get Your Security Deposit Back

Our moving team is comprised of professionals who know how to work quickly, but carefully to avoid scuffs, scrapes and any damage to your apartment or belongings.

Save Time

Our team of apartment movers work swiftly and efficiently to transport your belongings. Most local apartment moves are completed in a single day.

Licensed & Insured Apartment Movers

Our apartment movers meet all legal requirements to transport your items locally and nationwide. Our team is fully insured and bears financial responsibility for any damage to your items caused by improper handling or packaging.

You Don’t Have to Rent or Drive a Moving Truck

Some rental companies have minimum age requirements that can be restrictive to young renters, and navigating a tight parking lot with a large truck is one more thing to worry about on an already stressful day. When you hire us, we show up on time with a well-maintained truck which you can forget about the moment it’s unloaded.

Get Help Moving To Your New Apartment Now

Our professional apartment movers are here to help make your relocation effortless. To get a free quote, give us a call, or fill out the form below and one of our helpful team members will contact you shortly!